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Vintage Designer Clothing Online – The Real Thing Or Reproduction

You love the clothes of bygone eras, but when searching for vintage designer clothing online, do you go for the real thing or modern reproductions? Just as importantly, does it matter? To answer the last question first, yes, to the real vintage lover it does matter, and there is a big difference.

It is not just the shape, style and colours of vintage clothing and accessories that attract people to them. It is also the durability of the materials and the care that went into making each and every item. While you can get the same care in modern handmade reproductions, you would be hard pushed to find the traditional materials and even methods of creating the clothing. There is also costs to consider. High-quality vintage clothes are not cheap, but when sourced from the right places online they offer value for money, and the quality means they will probably last at least another generation. Having clothes carefully crafted to meet the same standards is going to be much more expensive, and you are reliant on the individual who is making the clothes as to how well they will last. One of the reasons people will say that they choose reproductions is because the real vintage items just don’t fit properly. A good online shop will provide excellent sizing guides, and you can always get your items, such as shirts, altered to fit if they are too long or just the wrong shape. If you are a real vintage lover, then only the real article will do at the end of the day.

Finding good quality real vintage designer clothing online that comes with detailed sizing guides is possible. Visit D2V Ltd to see just how easy it is to find everything you need to create a unique vintage look. Our whole range is available for you to look at on our website -, and we are regularly adding new arrivals.