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Vintage Denim Jackets – Make Them Last Another Generation

Do you buy vintage clothing because you love wearing it or to keep it for future generations? To be honest, the answer isn’t that important because no matter what the reason, if you look after your vintage denim jackets properly you will be able to do both.

There is little point in buying things that you don’t use, and vintage clothing is no exception. However, it is important to look after it carefully if you want to be able to continue enjoying it and possibly pass it on to someone else to enjoy. Once you have worn your vintage denim jacket, it is important to ensure that it is washed and dried thoroughly. Follow the washing instructions carefully and air-dry the clothing after washing. If you can’t find any washing instructions then either hand wash in lukewarm water and mild detergent or take to a professional cleaner. If you are the owner of a very old and delicate denim jacket, then consider vacuuming rather than washing the item. Use a low suction setting, with a plastic screen or old nylon stocking over the end of the pipe to stop it from sucking up the material. Once clean and dry, fold the jacket carefully with the arms folded across the front. Make sure that the metal studs are covered with acid-free tissue paper to stop them from tarnishing and then wrap in a cotton fabric to protect from light and moisture. Ideally your garment should be stored in a dry, dark and smoke-free environment until you want to wear it again.

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