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Vintage Clothes For Sale – How To Create Your Own Style

Creating your own unique style is easy when you know where there are vintage clothes for sale. These clothes make you stand out from the crowd and enable you to relive a bygone age of your choice, or mix and match eras to create something truly unique.

Sourcing pre-owned vintage clothes is a great place to start if you want to create your own style. Searching through different articles of clothing will help you to decide on the era and style that best suits you. If you want to relive the golden age of disco, then the 1970’s is the era for you. But, of course, the ‘70s weren’t just about the wide collared flowery shirts and sharp suits that are found amongst vintage clothing. It was also the era when denim and leather came into their own with flight jackets and biker jackets becoming fashion statements as well as protective clothing. Of course, the hippy movement was still going strong, although soon to be overtaken by punk. This led to an interesting mix of looks as tie-dye and flower power met safety pins and ripped t-shirts. The 1970’s wasn’t just about the fashion of the younger man or the teenager. The established family man, who had experienced a loosening of fashion rules in the ‘60s also delved into finding their own style. Knitted jumpers, sports jackets and zipped cardigans all made an appearance in this unique decade.

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