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Levi Vintage Denim Jacket - Care Guide

When it comes to caring for denim, there is a lot of contrasting information online. How should a Levi vintage denim jacket be cared for? And, can you actually wear denim as many times as possible until they walk themselves to the laundry basket? Read on to discover more.

Most folks have at least one pair of blue denim jeans and a denim jacket too. Denim has a reputation for being hard wearing and not needing routine washing, but is this the truth? One reason that clothes live to achieve a status as vintage clothing is simply because they are well cared for, and denim is no exception. A vintage denim jacket is created from blue and white cotton threads in a finely interwoven twill weave. It's this procedure that provides denim with its strength and endurance. Nevertheless, cotton, like other fabrics, ages and becomes weaker over time, especially in regions that are subject to continuous pressure or motion. Should you examine an aging set of jeans, you'll notice the knees will be the first to begin fraying. On a coat, it is almost always the collar and elbows. Filth and grime, particularly when it has an acidic base, will speed up this aging procedure. Therefore, proper care is essential. Most people put off washing new denim articles for as long as they possibly can; anything from six months to even a year. But if your jacket was worn in humid conditions that have made you sweat, you shouldn’t wait around to wash your denim.

Taking care of a Levi vintage denim jacket is just half the issue. The other half is sourcing the best jacket in the first place. At D2V Ltd, you'll find everything you need. Send an email containing your jacket preferences to us at, or visit our site,, to see the latest stocks we have.