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Levi Denim Jackets – Part Of A Proud History

Whenever denim is spoken about one name comes to the forefront, Levi. Their place in the history of denim is crucial to the fashions and styles of today. Levi denim jackets are an integral part of this history, and they are one item of clothing that every denim lover wants as part of their vintage collection.

Levi Strauss is a name that is forever connected to one particular type of vintage clothing, denim. Born in Germany in 1829, he moved to the United States aged 18 to work in the dry goods business run by his brother. However, it is not dry goods that would go on to make him a household name. He became synonymous with denim after financing a patent by Jacob Davis that added copper rivets at key points in cotton trousers to make them stronger. These trousers, now commonly known as jeans, were primarily an article of clothing for labourers, and it is believed that Levi himself never wore a pair. The now vintage denim jacket was a much later addition to the Levi line, and both the jacket and jeans were made popular by the growing teenage culture of 1950’s America. Levi’s may have started life as overalls, but now vintage denim is in high demand and sourcing it is very simple. It is more difficult to ensure that what you are buying is the genuine article, and the best way to be sure is to buy from a retailer who is careful about where they source their products.

Genuine vintage Levi denim jackets are found at D2V Ltd. We sell a range of vintage clothing that has been carefully sourced and vetted to ensure that it is of the highest possible quality. To see the latest lines, visit or call us on 0845 2997633 for more information on stock lines and sizing guides.