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Lee Denim Jackets – An Important Part Of Fashion History

Whenever denim is talked about one name rises above all else, Lee. Lee’s place in the history of denim is essential to the styles and fashions of today. Lee denim jackets are an important element of fashion history, and they're one item of clothing that each and every denim fan needs in their classic selection.

Henry David Lee is a name that's eternally linked to a particular type of vintage clothing; denim. Born in the US in 1849, Lee moved to Salina Kansas in 1889 and founded H.D. Lee Mercantile Co. Nevertheless, the initial nature of his business is not what made him a household name. Lee himself became associated with denim after adapting to the trends and changes of the times. Denim pants, now commonly called jeans, were mainly an article of clothing for labourers, which Lee produced as he was unhappy with the quality and inconsistent delivery of workwear from Eastern suppliers. The now vintage denim jacket was a later addition to the Lee line, and now, along with jeans, were made popular by the growing adolescent culture of America. Lee may have started the business focusing on other products, but now classic denim is in high demand and sourcing it is quite straightforward. It's harder to ensure that what you're purchasing is the genuine article though, and thus the best method to be sure is to purchase from a retailer who's cautious about where they source their products.

Authentic classic Lee denim jackets can be obtained from D2V Ltd. We sell a variety of vintage clothing that is attentively sourced, and we make sure it is of the best possible quality. To see our newest lines, visit or call us on 0845 2997633 for more info.