Vintage Clothes – Designer Vintage Clothes

Vintage Clothes – Designer Vintage Clothes

The clothes we wear are more important than we often give them credit for. They are a representation of who we are; they are a form of communication and self-expression.Vintage clothes can help you to showcase who you are while there are many other benefits you will gain too. Read on to discover more.

Vintage Clothes

High quality – One thing a lot of people take for granted is the fact that vintage clothing is of a very high quality. We tend to assume that second-hand things are of a poorer standard. However, better techniques and materials were used in the past, and more emphasis was placed on durable and well-made clothing.
Stand out from the crowd – With vintage clothes, you will be able to find one-of-a-kind pieces. Fashion is cyclical; past trends always come back into style. Therefore, you will be able to find a vintage piece that is in fashion yet is different from what can be found in the high-street chain stores.
Be above the trends – Some people wish to purchase vintage clothing, such as a vintage denim jacket, because they do not want to copy the latest trends. Instead, they want to have their own unique look. Vintage pieces allow you to do this, as you will be able to invest in pieces from various eras.
Help the environment – By wearing second-hand pieces, you are recycling, and thus you contribute to a greener planet. This is because you are not contributing to pollution, as you are not purchasing new clothes, which require the use of natural resources.
As you can see, there are many benefits to gain by investing in vintage clothes. Not only will you be helping yourself to look more stylish, but you will also have a positive impact on the environment at the same time.

Vintage Denim Jackets – How To Wear Your Vintage Denim Jacket

Vintage Denim Jackets – How To Wear Your Vintage Denim Jacket

Do you own a vintage denim jacket? Maybe you are thinking about purchasing one? When it comes to vintage clothing, a denim jacket is a must-have. It is a wardrobe staple. But, how should you wear your jacket? Read on for some top style tips.
One of the great things about denim jackets is the fact that they will retain their integrity for many years and they can be worn in many different ways, making them an excellent piece for layering and transitioning between seasons. However, because of their versatility, we can often be lulled into a false sense of security; we assume that anything and everything can be teamed with a vintage denim jacket. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Vintage Denim Jackets

One of the most important things you need to do when buying a denim jacket is ensure the fit is perfect. It should sit around the waist. Don’t team your jacket with big trainers or baggy jeans if you are planning on buttoning it up. It is better to go for smart, slender shoes and slim trousers in order to streamline your look. Double denim can work really well; but it is difficult to get right. A lot of celebrities have tried this look and failed. The key is to go for different shades of denim – don’t team your jacket with a matching pair of jeans.

A denim jacket is great for layering and thus can be worn with other vintage clothes. It is advisable to opt for a t-shirt, jumper, or shirt that is lighter in colour than your top piece. In terms of colour, dark blue is ideal if you are seeking something a bit smarter. However, a light blue denim jacket is always the best place to start for a beginner, as this is a wardrobe staple.
So there you have it – the basics on wearing your vintage denim jacket. With these style tips, you can’t go wrong.

Vintage Clothing – Vintage Clothes For Sale

Vintage Clothing – Vintage Clothes For Sale

Shopping for vintage clothing can be fun, but only if you know how to do it right. The thrill of unearthing truly incredible pieces from another era and thinking about how you’re going to pair them up with other clothing is heaven for any fashion fan. If this is something that sounds interesting to you, yet you have never bought vintage clothes before, use these tips for a helping hand:

Vintage Clothing

1. Vintage clothes are special. They’ve stood the test of time, and are still relevant due to their interesting provenance and cultural or historical significance. Thrift, on the other hand, denotes affordability. Make sure you know how to differentiate the two.
2. When you shop, look for timeless, basic, and classic pieces. Get something you can wear repeatedly – be it a beaded cardigan from the 50s or a little black dress from the 60s. Once you have a few vintage staples in your wardrobe, you can then begin to add quirky one-off pieces.
3. Vintage denim jackets are rare and, therefore, one of the most highly coveted types of vintage clothes. You’ll have numerous choices but don’t get overwhelmed when shopping – a good place to start is with a well-known brand of vintage denim jacket, like Levi. A denim jacket is something you are guaranteed to get a lot of use out of, and thus this is always a good place to start when it comes to your vintage collection.
4. Do your research. Just because the pair of shoes or top you are considering has the word ‘vintage’ in the description, don’t assume that this is the case. Research the brand and article of clothing to be sure that you are investing in vintage pieces, and always shop with a reputable retailer.
In conclusion, finding the right vintage clothing should not be too hard, even if you’re a newbie. With the right knowledge, you’ll be able to find timeless pieces to wear.

About Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing is something that has always held popularity. Vintage clothing counts as any garment from the 1920’s through the 1980’s. Vintage clothing is often used as an investment as well. One key to buying vintage clothing is to get top quality items. This means that the clothing is constructed well and has held a high standard so that it is more valuable later.

Another thing to consider when buying vintage clothing is the cost versus the value. You must be objective. Many people find items that are sentimental and if that is the case, keep them. However, if you are looking to get into a vintage clothing market for financial reasons, you need to recognize the value something is really worth versus the price you are paying for the item.

With all of the advancements in marketplace selling, vintage clothing is becoming much more widely available. Sites like eBay perpetuate the buying and selling of vintage clothing. This also provides the opportunity to find vintage clothing at a good price.

Vintage clothing is something that has started to become a staple in modern fashion. We see designers replicating vintage pieces and stars stepping out in vintage couture for red carpet events. It is not just something held for collectors anymore.

We are not seeing people deck themselves out completely in clothing from a different era, but we are seeing pieces put together with more modern trends to create a completed look. Vintage handbags also provide a unique look and perspective for people.

Another appeal to vintage clothing is that allows for truly unique pieces of clothing. You will not find another store making the same dress or a similar shirt. These pieces are unique and one-of-a-kind. They also transcend the trends. Vintage clothing is something that never truly goes out of style. So while trends come and go, vintage is always a popular look.

Vintage clothing is fun, affordable and nostalgic for some. It allows us to bring back pieces we loved back in the day or find styles we wish we could have worn and mix that with the current trends of today to have a look that is all our own. The price incentives make it easier than ever to commit to vintage clothing. The clothing itself has a story and life all its own. It is obviously not new and has a story to tell.